At present, in June, the famous sports research institutions in Switzerland CIES Football Observatory announced the 2017 new world football players worth the list, including Barcelona star Nei Maer to 210 million euros worth in the top spot, buy fifa coins while the Barcelona ball Wang Meixi to 1.51 Billion euros worth ranked fourth. And today's football peerless arrogance of another player Ronaldo is 112 million ranked 11th.
CIES Soccer Observatory gives the valuation is very authoritative, this data is based on player performance, age, contract and the team's record and other factors given, the player is the reference performance of the goal, assists and other field data and age, Location and contract status. At present, when the European football winter transfer market, such an authoritative ranking for the major European giants also have reference value.
In this list, Nei Maer to 210 million euros in the top, cheap fifa coins last season on behalf of the Barcelona on behalf of Barcelona contributed 20 goals and 19 assists in double-double results, plus he is now at the age of 25 such a golden age, so Nei Maer's worth has naturally become the highest in today's football players. Behind the Nei Maer is the current Premier League two popular star Ali and Kane, Ali this season in Tottenham's performance can be described as unusually hot, and Kane is once again become the Premier League top scorer, the two of their worth Respectively, 1.55 billion and 153 million.
Among the top ten players are Messi (151 million), Gryzmann (150 million), Suarez (140 million), Bogba (134 million), Higuain (120 million), A Zar (117 million), Dibala (115 million). And in the harvest after the season's double crown, it is likely to harvest the fifth gold ball award Ronaldo only ranked 11th, his value of 112 million euros. It is worth mentioning that in the first 10 there are eight players from the Premiership and La Liga, which is enough to reflect from their other side of the wonderful degree of their league.
Value list (in euros):
1, Neumer 210 million
2, Ali 150 million
3, Kane 153 million
4, Messi 151 million
5, Gritzman 150 million
6, Suarez 140 million
7, Bogba 134 million
8, Higuain 120 million
9, Azar 117 million
10, Dibala 115 million
11, Ronaldo 112 million