Dona Rama in this summer is definitely the focus of the major media, fifa coins from the public refused to renew the contract with Milan, Donaru horse for all fans staged a plot of ups and downs of the soap opera. However, according to the Italian "Sky Sports" news, this soap opera is about to usher in the finale, Donarama decided to sign a five-year contract with AC Milan.
It is understood that in this contract, including up to 100 million euros of the termination clause, if Milan can not enter the Champions League, the solution will be reduced to 50 million euros. In the new contract given by Milan, Donaluma will receive an annual salary of 6 million euros, and his brother Alfredo - Donaluma will also join AC Milan, earning an annual salary of 1 million euros The
Is the so-called "a ripple", before the start of the European Youth Championship, Donarama once said it would not renew Milan and then, so that the young goalkeeper became the transfer market on the big red, Including Real Madrid, including many teams are trying to sign it. At the same time, Donarama has become the target of the public, whether it is Milan fans or from Milan's predecessors will be called traitors.
European Youth U21 echelon in the semi-finals after being eliminated in Spain, Donaru horse back to the Italian home, the past few days he was talking with his family, while Milan coach Montella also personally visited the Dona Roma home , To his family to convey the idea of the club. After much deliberation, Donaluma now decided to continue his career in Milan, so the 18-year-old goalkeeper to restart the contract with Milan.
After a new round of negotiations with Milan, Donaluma and finally reached an agreement with Milan, about to renew with the team for 5 years. Italy "Sky Sports" also said that the renewal of farna business will soon come to an end, Milan to provide the renewal of the contract has been completed, only to wait for more than a horse to write. fifa 17 coins